Purchase & Supplier Management

HDSchool has a lot of interesting features to offer when it comes to Purchase and Supplier management.Here’s how you can manage your purchase and supplier with the help of HDSchool.

Purchase Order

Purchase order module helps to place an order for purchasing certain items/products with the supplier. This module allows you to select the items for which you want to place purchase order and also you can specify their quantities and purchase that you agreed with the supplier. Purchase order also helps you keep track of all orders placed with your supplier.
This feature allows you to
  • Create purchase order for selected supplier.
  • Track the order placed with supplier.


When you receive items from the supplier you can create GRN in HDSchool. This module allows you to select the purchase order against which you want to create receive item entry document. When you select the purchase order, GRN window displays all the items in the receive item entry window along with the quantities ordered and prices agreed while placing purchase order with supplier. Once you have received items from supplier your purchase order status becomes complete.
This feature allows you to:
  • Create received entry for items received from the supplier.
  • Add GRN for specific purchase order.
  • Save GRN in pending status or you can make payment at the time of receive item entry.

Pay Supplier

In HDSchool when you create a GRN it gets saved with pending status .This feature allows to make payments to supplier for the pending receive item entries. Pay supplier window displays all the pending received item entries with the selected supplier. You can select the GRN and you make payments to supplier through payment modes like cash, cheque, or bank transfer. All financial accounting entries will be created on the date, which was selected while creating the make payment to supplier document.
This feature allows you to
  • Make advance payment to supplier.
  • Send SMS/Email to supplier of payment made to supplier.
  • Make payment in multiple payment modes like cash and cheque.