School Penalty Management System

HDSchool penalty management software module allows you to set penalty rules for calculating penalties for late fee payments or overdue of library items as per your school rules. You can set different penalty rules that get applied daily, weekly or monthly for different fee groups and interest (fine) can be calculated in amount or percentage.
This school penalty management software module is integrated to HDSchool-Receive Fee module and helps you to calculate penalty at the time of receiving fee from student. Receive School Fee module automatically calculates the penalties if any, based on fee structure applied and rules specified for penalty calculation.
For example, you can set penalty rule for fee group ‘Group A’ as follows:
  • Payment term days as 3 days.
  • Interest as 5%.
  • Interest period segment as Daily.
If fee due date is 01/01/2016 and if student fails to pay within this due date, after the completion of payment term days (3days) , penalty amount (5%)on total amount will be calculated daily.
This feature allows you to:
  • Flexibility to define your own penalty.
  • Penalty can be applied if library book is returned late or if fees are not paid by the due date.
  • Calculate penalty by Simple or compound interest.
  • Define how interest needs to be calculated i.e. daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Apply penalty to all or specific Fee groups.
  • Receive penalty amount at the time of receiving fees.
  • Apply penalty to Library items through library settings.
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