Efficient Reservation and Table Management System

Manage restaurant inventory, ordering and waitlist with restaurant table software

Restaurant Inventory Software - Table Management
  • You can now focus on your passion of catering and leave the business management to HDRestaurant . Table management software feature is amongst the best restaurant POS software that will take care of your table management system, different hall management, takeaways, delivery and kitchen order tokens to mention few of the critical functionalities.
  • This Restaurant POS system manages your tables very efficiently in a pictorial interface. You can specify number of tables you have in your restaurant and number of people that can sit on each table.
  • Table management software helps you monitor status of each table and also predict when next table will be available in your rush hours.
  • You can also manage multiple halls in this high end restaurant reservation software which will allow you to have different price list for different halls.
  • When the time of reservation arrives for a specific table the table reservation system in this restaurant software will show the tables as reserved.
  • Using this restaurant table and reservation software will also be able to check availability of your tables at a future date and reserve them for your customers in advance.
Customer Waitlist Management
  • This best table management software for restaurants manages your table waiting list very efficiently while managing status of your tables.
  • Add customer to waiting list with seating preferences.
  • Through the waiting list you can notify waiting customers via sms when a table is ready for them.
  • When customers walk in for the service you can assign a table based on their seating preferences.
  • If customers responds to cancel you can cancel them from your waiting list or you can remove them from your waiting list..

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