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What is HDRestaurant?

Track your restaurant activities with best restaurant management system
HDRestaurant is an advanced automated pos software for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food counters, pubs and other Hotel outlets. It is easy to use and shows pictorial user interface for quick billing with or without touch screen.
It is amongst the best restaurant software that will take care of your table management, different hall management, take always, delivery, multiple printer support, kitchen order tokens and much more.

Why Business Needs Restaurant POS Software in India?

It is hard to manage a restaurant. The operation of a restaurant starts at the management of the inventory and ends at collecting the bill from the customer, in between, there are so many operations and good restaurant pos software will come in handy in order to take care of these operations. Implementation of a POS system for a restaurant not only saves up a good amount of money, it also saves a lot of efforts and time too.

Simplify your restaurant task with restaurant POS System

Run your restaurant professionally with our best restaurant point-of-sale system
Easy to use, Intuitive User Interface
  • Easy to use, get started quickly.
  • Pictorial billing interface, touch screen friendly.
  • Hall and Table management.
  • Track your dine in, home delivery and take away orders.
  • Manage your orders types, define your own workflow.
  • Support for multiple printers.
  • Handle your Kitchen order Tokens.
  • Get your sales invoice customized with your own logo and design.
Manage your Restaurant with Restaurant POS Software
  • Manage your Inventory.
  • Recipe management.
  • Define BOM and track raw material.
  • Maintain customer records.
  • SMS and Email integration.
  • Stock drill down.
  • Manage your financial accounting.
  • Drill down balance sheet, Profit and loss and Trial balance.

Customize your Printing with HDRestaurant

Restaurant POS software is always a great choice to customize your bill printing

Bill Printing

  • Customize your bills / invoices in your own layout.
  • Easy drag and drop design.
  • Print your sales Invoice in your own regional language.
  • Customize bills to match perfectly to your business needs.

Barcode Sticker Printing

  • You can print barcode stickers on simple laser or inkjet printer.
  • Surprised? Take a demo today.
  • Print barcode stickers in your own designed layout.
  • No need of additional expensive barcode sticker printers.
  • If you already have a barcode printer, you can use that too.
Features of HDRestaurant
  • Table Management:
    Table management can be considered as one of the biggest hassle of any restaurant and the HDRestaurant’s table management feature will surely make this easy. The software provides a pictorial representation of the tables, takeaways, delivery and so many other operations directly making it easy for the restaurateurs to manage.
  • Delivery Management:
    There are so many restaurants out there who offer the home delivery feature for their customers. This delivery management software will come in handy in those situations, from billing to storing the addresses of the customer; the software takes care of everything easily.
  • Order Management System:
    Whether it is in-house dining or a takeaway or the home delivery, the HDRestaurant will manage the orders with ease. As a restaurateur, you will have a choice of selecting the workflow by your own and work according to it.
  • Kitchen Order Token:
    The kitchen order token will help in better and easy management of a restaurant. You can print one or more tokens as per the requirement in the kitchen.
  • Combo Management:
    Most of the restaurants have their special combo packs to attract the customers. With the combo management feature of HDRestaurant, it becomes easy to curate and manage the combos of a restaurant.

Restaurant Billing App For Android Devices (Add On Service)

Try out best POS App for restaurants, our add on service on android to track customer order more easily

 HDrestaurant Application

(Per Device)

HDRestaurant App allows you to manage your table orders in an easy manner.

With the help of the table management feature, you can get your customers seated in a systematic order, without unnecessary delays. Seat your diners and get their orders promptly! You can also add repeat orders from any other device. Connect multiple devices to a single server and work from a central database.

Handle multiple locations with HDRestaurant too. If you have more than one restaurants connected to the central cloud server, this Android POS app will allow you to select the location you are currently at, and show the dining halls and tables at the selected location.

Our restaurant POS app also allows you to record instructions for a specific order which will be conveyed to the kitchen via KOT. A KOT (kitchen order token) can be printed on a printer that is connected to the server computer.

Please note that: This is a companion android app that works with HDRestaurant server. Its server is a windows based client server application that can be downloaded from its download page. It is required that you have HDRestaurant server installed and have a valid URL to your server. You will also need at least one windows desktop based client node for the complete functionality of HDRestaurant.

More Details

HDRestaurant Wait List Android App

Try out best waiting customer handling App for restaurants (Add On Service)

 HDrestaurant Waitlist

(Per Device)

HDWaitlist is a companion app that works with HDRestaurant Server.This app allows you to use your phone or android device to add customer in the Waitlist.

This app allows you to create waitlist of the Customer from your phone and SMS customer about their Status. It is very easy to use with friendly interface. You can also Place, modify, or cancel Customer waiting anytime from your phone.

In order to user this app, you will need to have your own HDRestaurant server installed or you will need a cloud account of HDRestaurant.

Please note that: This is a companion android app that works with HDRestaurant server. HDRestaurant server is a windows based client server application that can be downloaded from its download page

It is required that you have HDRestaurant server installed and have a valid URL to your server. You will also need at least one windows desktop based client node for the complete functionality of HDRestaurant.

More Details

Flexible Restaurant POS Software with Multiple Deployment Channel

HDRestaurant provides multifaceted restaurant software with different deployment modes
Hdrestaurant Deployment In a Single Computer
For a Single Computer

All you need is one computer or one laptop...

Hdrestaurant Deployment With Multiple Terminals
With Multiple Terminals

Use LAN, make one of the computers as server...

Hdrestaurant Cloud Server
Our Cloud Server

Access your business data from anywhere...

Hdrestaurant As Server on The Internet
Your Computer As Server on the Internet

Use computer in shop as the server on the Internet...

Hdrestaurant On Windows Tablet
On Windows Tablet

Use thin client and touch screen. Use pictorial interface...

Hdrestaurant for Disconnected Terminal
Disconnected Terminal

Continue to use Internet Server even when internet is slow...

Why you should use HDRestaurant!

HDRestaurant is the best restaurant management system that comes up with some undoubtedly benefits for all restaurant types

Its Flexible
You can use it for restaurants, pubs, coffee cafes, bakeries, fast food centers, and various other hotel outlets etc.
Its Reliable
It has all the features you need to run a restaurant or hospitality business.
Its Ease to Use
You don’t have to put much effort to understand HDRestaurant. It’s intuitive. Even your employees will not take much time to learn effective use of this software.

Easy to use

Get started quickly. Easy to setup and simple to use restaurant POS.


Our focus is on customer support. Many ways to reach us with no additional charges.

Low Price

Simple, one time affordable pricing best restaurant pos solution for small and large businesses. No hidden costs.

Future Proof

Frequent software updates with latest top restaurant billing software features. Free of cost. Remain up to date.