Restaurant POS System- Combo Management Software

HDRestaurant order management software provides a very attractive and simple way to create combos in your menu offering. Using this flexible restaurant combo management software feature at your restaurant which otherwise can get complex without availability of a good software, you can offer customizes dishes to your customer which will keep them coming back to you.
  • The pictorial user interface is so intuitive that your customers can also create their own combos if you present them with a touch screen device.
  • The user interface shows clearly the choices available, stock availability and additional prices if any.
  • While adding combo in the invoice HDRestaurant combo management will also look at your stock and optionally also show only the choices which are in stock.
  • It also looks at the recipes definitions and warn you at the time of invoice if certain item cannot be made due to lack of raw material in your stock including pre-defined recipes.
  • You can also have more then one quantity of same combo in an invoice for quick data entry.
  • You have choice of specifying optional items in your combination and choice of charging additional amounts for add-on.
Some of Combinations you can create very easily in Restaurant are:
Example 1: Veg burger with Fries and soft drink combo
This combination has 3 sets of choices. Customer can pick his choice of veg patty, his choice of side dish like fries or onion rings and one soft drink out of few choices. The combination is priced the same irrespective of the choices made by the customer.
Example 2: Vegetarian Lunch plate
This combination has a choice of 2 vegetable dishes out of 8 choices, options of Roti (Bread), Option of replacing Roti (Bread) with rice or vice versa. Option of sweet dish with an additional charge.

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