Pizza pos billing software- Pictorial Billing

  • HDPOS restaurant pos system provides pictorial billing interface which supports both touch screen and non touch screen.
  • Button billing is also introduced to make it more comfortable with touch screen.
  • In Button billing, assign different colors for each category and make it more sorted to search items.
  • Images of item are displayed while selecting item on the invoice screen.
  • Manage orders for Dine-In, Take Away and Home Delivery separately.
  • Manage Hall and tables for dine-In orders and allocate them to customers if available.
  • Take orders over the phone or online with online pizza ordering system and track your home delivery orders.
  • With HDPOS restaurant pos system, define many different data views / hierarchies of your data.
  • You can change dynamically the data view you are using to search the items faster.
  • Manually manage the selection of price for the item, during active bill.

Smart pizza store billing software- Order Management

  • This pizza POS billing software presents you with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to manage all your order types in a single view. This is in-house dining, deliveries and pickup.
  • Define your work flow for your order management with HDRestaurant restaurant pos system.
  • Change the status of the work flow as it moves ahead on the running bill, as you must have defined.
  • Printing of invoice and order slip on two different printers at the same time is possible.
  • A KOT can be printed at the time of order taking.

Best Order & Delivery Management Software - Delivery Management

  • Manage not only the dine in customers but also the delivery and take away with HDRestaurant pizza ordering system.
  • You can have different prices for your food items at Dine In, Delivery and Pick Up.
  • You can use the saved address of the customer or add a new address at the time of delivery.
  • Assign a delivery staff for each delivery order and maintain a record of each delivery.

Table Management POS System - Table Management

  • Focus on your catering and leave the management of your business on HDRestaurant. HDRestaurant pizza billing pos system will take care of your table management, different hall management, and kitchen order tokens to mention few of the critical functionalities.
  • Pizza store billing system manages your table with a pictorial interface; . You can specify number of tables you have in your restaurant and number of people that can sit on each table.
  • HDRestauarnt cloud based billing and ordering software can help monitor status of each table by simpling changing the color of the table.
  • You can also manage multiple halls in HDRestaurant best billing pos solution for pizza stores which will allow you to have different price list for different halls.
  • Table reservation management is also supported by this software, you will also be able to check availability of your tables at a future date and reserve them for your customers in advance.

Restaurant pos system: Kitchen Order Token(KOT)

  • KOT are needed to reduce the manual work or placing the order in the kitchen and be more efficient. HDRestaurant pizza store billing system provides you with a feature rich and flexible KOT management system.
  • In case your customer has places such orders that are prepared at different counters, then HDRestaurant best billing pos solution for pizza stores gives you facility to print different kot at different counter under the same invoice.
  • KOT document number and creation date can all be managed.
  • KOTs can be printed for your customer while they order and the invoice is still running or incomplete Invoice.
  • KOTs can be made not only against an Invoice but estimates, advance booking documents also.
  • HDRestaurant pizza billing pos system can help you fetch KOTs created in date range irrespective of Invoices / Estimates associated.
  • KOTs can not only be printed but sent as an SMS to you and to the customers.
  • HDRestaurant also helps you in keeping track of the KOTs by keeping a print count for each KOT.

Pizza store billing software: BOM management

  • HDRestaurant can handle preparation of your food items and come up with the estimation of the raw materials required for any typical order.
  • Define Bill of Material (BOM) of your menu items along with its making cost.
  • HDRestaurant provides a feature Auto Make that will make your task easier, you just need to add the BOM items with their quantity and rest is all done.
  • Add your pizza’s making charges accordingly and specify profit percentage you want to make.
  • Auto calculation of the price of the complete BOM item with of making cost is done and enables you to set your items sales price accordingly.

Pizza billing pos system- Inventory

  • HDRestaurant-inventory management pizza pos billing software provides complete stock and inventory management solutions to run your business easily.
  • HDRestaurant allows addition of items in two different ways, do it either one by one manually or with an excel upload.
  • Have items according to their categories and for more detailed division create sub categories/user fields.
  • Keep track of quantity on hand of ingredients and materials.
  • View stock drill down in a detailed manner depending on the selected category tree.
  • Manage items/components that are running low, and need to be re-ordered.
  • Manage your items batch and expiry dates.

Best Financial Accounting Pizza POS System

  • This pizza pos billing software offers complete financial accounting along with billing and inventory management.
  • You can create any number of additional financial accounts in addition with auto generated FA. All FA transactions that you create manually have its own document number for your reference.
  • All auto generated FA transactions get saved with reference to the document number. For example if a purchase is made, there will be a FA transaction with debit to the purchase account and another with credit to supplier account.
  • Each type of these documents has a separate number series so you can maintain “separate books” for each of type of your manual financial transaction.
  • Possibility of back dated entries of financial transactions in case they have been missed on the actual date
  • Flexibility to see all the documents related to a specific transaction.
  • Create Company, Financial Accounts and Financial Transactions in Tally from HDRestaurant pizza store billing system via simple export and Import.

Pizza billing pos system- Tax Management

  • Handle your tax in a very precise way with HDRestaurant.
  • Taxes can be added along with the item creation with the help of an excel upload or create them manually.
  • There are also some system generated taxes under GST that can directly apply to the items.
  • Application of many taxes can be structured into a single tax e.g. GST= CGST+ SGST.
  • As the definition of tax changes in your country, HDRestaurant gives you the flexibility to make the changes in no time.
  • Purchase entry and invoice making can have different taxes applied on the items and option to change them when they are active.

Restaurant pos system- Customer Management

  • Manage your regular customer’s detail to provide them with all the benefits.
  • There are three ways to add customer i.e. add them manually from customer module one by one or with an excel upload and you can also add them while making invoice.
  • Customers can be grouped to know where they belong in your categorization.
  • Regular customers can be given fixed credits and is well managed with HDRestaurant.
  • Out-standing amounts of your customers can be checked invoice wise, and then you may inform them about these pending bills via SMS and email.
  • HDRestaurant helps you in creating a close bond with your customer with its awesome Loyalty Program, Discount coupon creation facility and gift card making ability.
  • Gift card can be given to your loyal customers and later you can accept them again as the payments against any purchase made by the customer.
  • Maintain customer records, view their previous orders and do target marketing.

Pizza billing pos system- Employee Management

  • Manage your employee’s details in HDRestaurant.
  • Make a different login Id and password for each of your employees.
  • Each employee can be assigned with a cash register with their login Id, and a session can be created with administrator’s permission.
  • Work shifts and holiday list can be managed for each employee separately.
  • Transactions made by each employee can be viewed separately.
  • Assign employee to sales invoice and track employee wise sales summary.

Pizza Billing POS Software - Daily Sales

  • Check the total number of Pizza sold and the total revenue generated on a daily basis.
  • Bills made on specific terminal or from all terminals together can be viewed.
  • Daily collection of sales can be analyzed broken into item, category or any grouping made as user field.
  • You can check them on daily basis, weekly basis or between any specified date range.

Customize your Sales Invoice

  • Create invoice format of your own choice or select from one of the system reports.
  • Add your patent on your invoice like logo and specific fonts and your terms and conditions.
  • The invoices made in HDRestaurant supports all the regional languages.
  • Print, email or SMS your invoice to the customers.

POS System With 2-Way SMS Support - SMS

  • SMS can play a good role in your business promotions which is supported by HDRestaurant pizza store billing software.
  • Send promotional emails to the customers in bulk, as HDRestaurant enables sending SMS via dongle as well as SMS gateways.
  • Request HDRestaurant to send you report (e.g. SMS “RPT4”) like daily sales and stock details etc. and receive the report on you number as a text report.

Best billing pos solution for pizza stores with Analytical Reports

  • Reports are an important aspect of any business, with HDRestaurant you have over 600 analytical reports.
  • Check profit and loss of your business with various reports available.
  • Get your total dump stock and analyze how can you reduce the wastage?
  • You can check your sales report and see what your maximum rush hour is. This will help you manage your staffing accordingly.

Restaurant pos system- Event Log

  • You may have some suspicious employees which you think can alter your database, in such cases event log come into play.
  • To know any data changes in HDRestaurant Create event logs for that and receive and email or SMS to get them recorded.
  • If the SMS and email doesn’t work due to network issue etc., still you can get to know about them as one record is also saved in the software.

Access Rights

  • As your business grows you will have lot of employees handling different aspects of business. This cloud based billing and ordering software helps you to restrict access from areas of application from specific computer.
  • There are different ways by which you can restrict the usages of the features of the applications, login wise, making functionality group, terminals grouped together, or an employee group.
  • Each and every functionality can be restricted from your employee.
  • Moreover you can add a password to functionality and the employee if need can request admin for password and admin can SMS them the password.

Restaurant pos system - Discounts Coupons and Offers

  • Schemes and promotions always attract customers, HDRestaurant allows you to create various types of offers. You can define offers based on time period, location, customer group.
  • If you are running multiple stores and want to give discount to your customers at only one location, HDRestaurant allows you to define shop wise offers.
  • Create offers like “happy hours” to attract more customers.
  • Have your own discount coupons with or without limited time period created by HDReataurant.
  • Print / Email / SMS Coupons in customized designs.

Pizza store billing software - Scheduler

  • HD Restaurant pos system sends you reports which you had already scheduled for a specific time of a day.
  • You can control at what time you want the reports i.e. you can set a time, login time or at logout time.
  • Get text reports via SMS and you can also register a email id to which you want your reports to be sent.