Bakery pos billing software

  • HDRestaurant bakery pos billing software offers you with three different types of interfaces for billing.
    • Pictorial Billing
    • Grid Billing
    • Button Billing
  • Supports both touch and without touch screen system.
  • Upload your Item’s picture and make billing easy and quicker with pictorial billing window.
  • Different colors can be assigned for each category making it easy for you to understand and make bills, with Button billing window.
  • You can set a different price list for each item depending on the business location, customer group etc.
  • Manually select or change the price of each item in an active bill.
  • Take orders over the phone and track your home delivery orders.
  • Dynamically change the view of the data to make it faster to search the item.
  • You can define different hierarchies of your data for example, you can choose to see your data as Category (Cakes, Beverages) --> Type (Eggless, Sugarfree) this gives you and your customer’s tremendous ability to find a product you are looking for.
  • Offers will be applied on the bill if constraints meet with the defined offer.

Best bakery pos billing system- Inventory

  • HDRestaurant bakery store billing pos system provides complete stock and inventory management solutions to run your business.
  • Create your inventory manually or with excel import for bulk entry.
  • Create categories like cake, cookies, cup cakes etc and categorize your item in these categories.
  • You can also have sub categories like flavor, shape etc to further classify them.
  • Keep track of quantity on hand of ingredients and materials.
  • HDRestaurant’s Stock Drill down feature will give you a view of stock quantity and sale sprice in a detailed manner depending on the selected category tree.
  • Manage items/components that are running low, and need to be re-ordered.
  • Manage your items like bread, cookies, and chocolates with batch and expiry dates.

Cafe billing and invoicing software- Accounting

  • This bakery pos billing software offers complete financial accounting along with billing and inventory management.
  • All the mandatory financial accounts required to run a business properly are auto generated and HDRestaurant cloud based billing software for bakery store gives you ability to create your own expense or other financial accounts.
  • All FA transactions that you create manually have its own document number for your reference.
  • Possibility of back dated entries of financial transactions in case they have been missed on the actual date.
  • Each type of these documents have a separate number series so you can maintain “separate books” for each of type of your manual financial transaction.
  • Create Company, Financial Accounts and Financial Transactions in Tally from HDRestaurant bakery store billing pos system via simple export and Import.

Order and Delivery Management POS System

  • This low cost cafe and bakery pos billing software not only takes care of your in-house dining needs and table management but also has lot of features that will help you manage your delivery and take aways.
  • Define different price list for in-house dining, for deliveries and takeaways.
  • For deliveries you can maintain multiple customer addresses in this inventory management software and attach delivery staff for each delivery order.

Café and Bakery - Kitchen Order Token

  • Kitchen order token are generated with invoice to pass the list order by customer to the kitchen.
  • KOTs can be printed on the same printer as invoice and cab be printed on different printer located at kitchen.
  • Print KOT even if the invoice is not complete and it can also be printed for the estimates, & advance booking document.
  • View KOTs created in date range irrespective of Invoices / Estimates associated.
  • Send KOTs to customers through SMS.
  • HDRestaurant bakery store billing system also helps you stop suspicious activities done in association with KOT by keeping print count for each KOT.

Bakery store billing system with Recipe Management - BOM

  • Bill of material is the total calculated cost of the raw materials used to make complete product.
  • HDRestaurant bakery store billing pos system can handle making of your bakery items like cakes, cookies etc and come up with the estimation of the raw materials required for any typical order.
  • Define your bakery sweets recipe and keep track of your raw Material.
  • Auto make feature automatically reduces the amount of stock defined in BOM of any item.
  • Specify profit percentage you want to make and the labour cost to add up with the sales price of the ready product.
  • When taking bulk orders for parties quickly check your available stock of items and identify short items and reorder them with HDRestaurant bakery store billing system.
  • Get to know the cost involved in procuring your short stock.

Bakery store billing pos system - Advance Booking

  • Take bulk orders from customers and receive advance amount for order.
  • Quickly view advance bookings right for your main invoice screen.
  • Convert advance booking to invoice on completion of order.
  • Track changes in order if any.
  • Remember the prices agreed upon when the order was booked.
  • Receive balance payment on order completion.

Tax Management with cafe billing and invoicing software

  • No matter what and how many types of taxes you need for your products, HDRestaurant cloud billing software for cafe shop is completely flexible with its Tax handling system. Hence you can define any number or type of tax very easily.
  • Some taxes like GST are auto generated in the system if applicable, use them or define a tax as per your requirements.
  • Others like Vat, Cess, Service charges can be made and combined with other taxes with the help of tax structure.
  • Taxes applicable on a particular item today may change in future, HD Restaurant POS billing software for bakery store enable you to make these changes at any point of time.
  • Application of taxes on purchase bill and invoices are handled separately.

Cloud billing software for cafe shop - Data Correction

  • Documents of any type be it Sales invoice, purchase invoice, received payments, make payment to suppliers etc. can be edited or deleted and remade with HDRestaurant in order to correct the mistakes made while making them.
  • This feature helps you to have a perfect action audit.
  • Filling the gaps of the deleted wrong invoices by moving the invoice number in upward and downward order.
  • Smart and Auto management of transaction records associated with data corrections.

Bakery pos billing software - Customer Management

  • Create customer and add all their details like address, email id, contact etc with the help of excel upload, or make them manually one by one, you can also send them an email or SMS as a welcome message.
  • You may also add up your customers while making bill during rush hours.
  • An auto generated account is created as soon as you add up any customer in HDRestaurant bakery store billing pos system.
  • This account helps you manage a proper ledger for each customer. So you can easily check the pending bills for each customer.
  • Ledger also helps you send SMS to the customer reminding them of their dues.
  • A combined ledger can also be viewed for the customers, in order to send a bulk reminder.
  • HD Restaurant POS billing software for bakery store gives you additional features to attract customers i.e. loyalty programs, store credit, gift cards etc.

Best bakery pos billing system: Daily Sales

  • Keep a keen eye on the daily sales to have a track of your business with HDRestaurant bakery store billing pos system.
  • Check the sales of each item with their sold and returned quantity.
  • Daily sales can be categorized by your business location.
  • Check sales daily weekly or in a specified date range.
  • You can check all the sales and return invoices for a selected item in date range.

Customize your Sales Invoice with bakery pos billing software

  • HDRestaurant cafe billing and invoicing software is software that gives its customer a flexibility to make certain changes in their invoices.
  • Mark your invoices with your company logo and font style that you use.
  • Changes like having customer’s name and address, your company’s name address, terms and conditions etc can be added over your invoice.
  • You can also choose what are the fields that you want to show on the invoice, like basic price/MRP, quantity, taxes barcode of the item/name etc?
  • Not just these but HDRestaurant bakery pos billing software also gives its customers an option of printing bills in many different languages such as Hindi, Arabic, English etc.

Cloud billing software for cafe shop with 2-Way SMS Support

  • With HDRestaurant cloud based billing software for bakery store you not only can just send SMS but also Receive SMS in the software.
  • Along with printing invoice you can send SMS to the customer about their total billing.
  • Send SMS to customer about their pending amount and even inform them about their loyalty points.
  • Send bulk promotional SMSs to all the existing customer.
  • Dongle and SMS gate ways both are supported with HD Restaurant POS billing software for bakery store.
  • Send an SMS to the software and receive back the requested report.

Analytical Reports with Bakery pos billing software

  • HDRestaurant restaurant POS billing software for bakery store has a splendid 600 plus analytical reports to give you the best result for having a check on your business properly.
  • It has different sales reports, purchase reports, tax filing reports, customer related reports, employees accounts reports etc.
  • You can make your own folder of reports with the frequently used reports for your convenience.
  • Saving these reports in excels or PDF formats are also possible. You can even directly mail these reports to the concerned person.

Cafe billing and invoicing software - Event Log

  • Recording data modification in your database with HDRestaurant cloud billing software for café shop is possible.
  • Create event logs for functionalities which can record the changes that are creation, modification and deletion.
  • You can also create object of your own choice to record all date which you want.
  • Write conditions in event log to fetch the data in the order.
  • Receive the SMS or email related to the event log and even HDRestaurant cloud based billing software for bakery store will record them in software just to be more secure.

Cafe billing and invoicing software: Access Rights

  • HD Restaurant POS billing software for bakery store in managing user roles and restricting access to various parts by login id and Action History.
  • Add your own additional passwords to access specific functionality of application and to make it more secure.
  • Allow access for areas of application from specific or group of computers.
  • Create employee groups, functionality groups to reduce the headache of restricting functionalities for each employee separately.

Bakery pos billing software - Scheduler

  • Scheduler with HDRestaurant restaurant POS billing software for bakery store helps you keep a regular check on your business whether you are there or away from your store.
  • Sales return and purchase entries made in a day will be send to you via email or SMS at a particular set time.
  • This time can be login, logout or your own scheduled time of the day.

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