Items that needs to be re-ordered

Wishlist Manager

The success of the retail business is in not letting your customer return from your shop empty handed. But yet, there are times when you must have to say to your customers, either that you are out of stock on some items, or you never stock the items they are asking for. The feature of wish list manager from HDPOS, steps in to help you reduce such occurrences.
  • You can quickly make a note of the items you need to re-order.
  • Yes, there are other features in the product that can help you determine what items are below stock but in case if you had not had the time to specify those details, this would be a quick way.
  • Also what is unique about this new feature is that, it also allows you to make notes about the products you do not yet keep in your shop.
  • So if you notice that many customers are asking for some product regularly, that you do not keep in your store, you may want to start to stock it.
  • Also you can attach the name of the requesting customer to the wish list items so that when the items arrive in your stock, you can reach out to the customer to inform about the arrival of the stock and do the business proactively.