Supplier Credit Note Management

This can be useful if you are returning goods to your supplier or there are situations when the product you bought from your supplier has been over valued. Supplier credit note can be issued to adjust that payment amount. This amount can be used in your future purchases from the same supplier.
In such situation you need a mechanism in your account keeping system to keep track of such credit notes received from various different suppliers and also be able to utilise them while making future payments to corresponding suppliers. HDPOS smart we bring you exactly this feature which will allow you to manage credit notes received from your suppliers.
  • Credit notes can be issued to supplier for:
    • Damaged goods or expired goods.
    • Not according to specifications mentioned in the order.
    • Any change in quantity of items in previously placed order.
    • Cancellation of order, purchase returns.
    • Change in MRP of items when you sold them to your customers.
    • Wrong credit or debit entry in the books of account of either supplier.
  • Use Supplier credit note in make payment to supplier:
    • You can select one more supplier credit note per payment.
    • You can make partial payment from supplier credit note.