Finance Agency

If you are doing business with electronic gadgets like mobile phones, TV, or with appliances like Refrigerator, Washing Machine or furniture or automobile etc, you would have felt the need to manage your sales invoices that are being paid by financing agency like Bajaj or some other banks.
  • Manage invoices that are paid by Finance agency like Bajaj or some other banks.
  • You can create a new entity, “Financing Agency” like “Bajaj Finance” or “ICICI Bank” etc.
  • While making the sales invoice, you have option of putting the credit amount (Approved Pending amount) under the Financing Agency instead of the end customer.
  • You can also do a partial financing of the total bill.
  • Receive money from financing agency as how you receive from customer.
  • You can receive payment by different payment modes cash, card, bank transfer and financial account.
  • See all the pending bills from the selected financing agency along with the customer names.
  • View details on individual invoices and the customers.
  • Manage processing fees per invoice that is being paid for by the financing agency.
  • Define credit limit for the finance agency.