Penalty Management

If you sell your goods with credit (pending) to your customers, you must have felt the need to apply interest on pending amounts for delayed payments. HDPOS smart allows to set penalty rules for calculating penalty amount from customer for delayed payments as per rules.You can set different penalty rules that get applied daily, weekly or monthly for different customers. This module is integrated with 'Receive Payment' module and at the time receive payment if the customer fails to pay the dues within a specified due date system automatically calculates the penalty amount based the penalty rule applied to the selected customer/customer group.
The penalty module in HDPOS smart is very sophisticated and allows you to:
  • Define your penalty rules based on periods of your choice.
  • Interest rates that you want to apply.
  • You can even define compound interests.
  • While collecting the payments you have a choice to :
    • Adjust penalty amounts based on your negotiations with customers.
    • Apply the received amounts partially to penalty and partial to actual pending amount.
  • You can define more than one penalty rules.
  • This will allow you to define different rules for different set of customers (customer groups).
  • You can also define a penalty rule that is applicable to all customers (default).


Using the power of software to convert your laptop into a very powerful billing system is something you can accomplish through HDPOS accounting software. Blessed with powerful features that help in preparing invoices quickly, finding alternatives, levying penalties and offering promotional offers to customers HDPOS is just what the doctor ordered for your small business. Moreover, the software also offers you the option to start your own online website. Being a mini-ERP of sorts, such a comprehensive POS accounting software will surely take your business to the next level. The following ten features are important for almost every business and form the cornerstone of any POS accounting software.

Detailed Stock Management
Financial Accounting
Tax Management / GST
Tailoring / Repairing / Services
Barcode Printing
Customized Reports
SMS Integration / CRM
HDPOS Unplugged!!!

Having a bird’s eye view of the product is important to get an insight of how these software’s work and how they can help you enhance the quality of your business.

Swift billing

This is the numero uno functionality desired by business owners. HDPOS accounting software does a fine job in crunching vast amount of data at superb speeds. This is mainly due to the SQL server that works as a database engine. Scanning, sorting and adding items to the final bill becomes a breeze.


Credit is important for business. Both when you receive it and when you give it to your customers. Research shows that buyers buy up to 30% more when they are offered goods on credit.

  • Limited credit is the key to running a successful business. But there are times when buyers are unable to repay on time, but they still want to continue doing business with you.
  • So levying penalties is one way to keep the habit of delayed payments in check. HDPOS accounting software helps you calculate the final price by allowing you to add penalties on daily, weekly basis or by levying simple or compound interest on them.
  • Service tax is applicable on all the late charges applied which need to be recorded and entered the final bill. All taxes and charges being collected from the customer need to be described clearly at the bottom of the bill.
  • Discounts if any also need to be defined so that the customer knows he is getting a good deal.

Taking care of minor details

Get to know what is selling and what’s not by using smart billing, stock management, purchase and supplier management modules to tweak your demand forecasts for ordering raw stock and future inventory. Regulatory reporting into the GSTN network can be done online by submitting 37 reports in a year. Three reports go every month after an interval of ten days and one final report goes at the end of the year. Penalties are harsh up to 100 rupees per day of delay; so, it’s best to be up to date in terms of disclosure norms. Cancellation of GST registration, in case your turnover is not in that high to be eligible for GST payments.

  • Inventory Easy Billing
  • Inventory Smart Billing
  • Inventory GST Management
  • Customer Stock Management
  • Purchase & Supplier Product Management

Delighting customers with special offers

Creating special offers by authorized personnel and applying them at the time of checkout can delight your patrons. It shows you care and they will always come back to you to increase their loyalty points and seek better rates for bigger orders next time around. It’s a win -win situation for both customers and businesses if you use the following functionalities defined in the HDPOS software.

  • Offer Offers and Scheme
  • Barcode & Stickers Reports
  • Access Right Access Rights
  • Gift-Cards Receive Payments
  • Schemes & Promotions Barcode Printing

Instantly gain a ringside view of your business

Even if you are an operations person and like to get your hands dirty while working with the team. But by being the face of your business, you need to be up to date in real time regarding the money that is coming in and going out. Only then can you control leakages and issue refunds in case of any excess payments received. Refunds build trust and set you a class apart from others in the business.

  • Cash Registers
  • Financial Accounting Financial Accounting
  • SMS Integration
  • Close Database
  • Customer Management

Taking Care of Warranty Items

If you are selling products with pre-defined warranties and need to keep your inventory fresh, then recording and tracking inventories is a must. This unique functionality makes HDPOS better than others and merchants can extend warranties, if requested. Customers can be sent reminders through the system when the warranty of their purchased item is about to expire. It’s a great customer relationship management tool, if you know how to use it right.

  • AMC management
  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Points Management
  • Scheduler
  • Customer Item
  • Container Management
  • Penalty Management
  • Advance Booking
  • Wishlist Manager
  • Event Log
  • Coupon
  • Appointment
  • Batch Management
  • Balance Sheet
  • Collection
  • Inventory Labelling
  • Inventory Supplier Credit Note
  • Inventory Time Token
  • Inventory Multiple Company
  • Inventory KOT
  • Inventory Finance Agency
  • Inventory Excel Upload
  • Inventory Printing
  • Inventory Purchase & Supplier
  • Inventory Manage Customer
  • Inventory Supplier Cheque

Time is money

As a business owner you can do more within the limited time you have in a day. You only have a few seconds to fulfil an order be it online or a from a walk-in customer and you need to ensure you get it right. Even in food service or lodging establishments, you do not have more than an hour to satisfy the guest. While some businesses just have 30 seconds to cater to the customer’s request. Deploying more technology to accomplish routine yet critical tasks is best left to experts who can design the perfect software solution for your small business.

After all, it’s the quality of business you build by leveraging technology that will help you steer the ship during periods of slow growth. As a business owner, you might be the first person to come across this software. And you will have to put extra efforts to learn the software so that you can train others.