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Worried about managing your inventory? Get HDPOS Smart, the best inventory management software to run your business in a smooth and hassle free manner!
  • Taking stock of the goods and keeping track of the inventory is essential and for that every business should have a inventory tracker whether it is a garment business or a restaurant or a grocery store.
  • Stock management software solutions are thus essential for the smooth functioning of such businesses.
  • HDPOS Smart Inventory software is just the right fit for your business if you are looking to manage your stock, monitor it and make corrections with the inventory control system to ensure seamless business operations.
  • HDPOS provides complete Stock and inventory management solution for all your products.
  • Read on to learn about the features of this innovative and dynamic stock inventory management software.

Why HDPOS Smart is right for your business?

A complete stock monitoring and inventory system for all your products. Here’s why you should opt for HDPOS Smart.
  • Easily Transfer and track your Stock from one department to another with the help of best inventory tracking software .
  • Stock Monitoring Software helps you monitor your mismatched stock.
  • Manage your Dump Stock.
  • You can directly do PO and stock transfer request also.
  • Export your item list with stock to excel easily.
  • Export all sales from one warehouse to another warehouse with a click of a button.
  • Print Barcode Stickers from barcode inventory management software
  • HDPOS stock inventory system allows you to view batch wise stock details of an item from stock manager.
  • View Stock Drill Down of all items in your database.
  • You can also check in and out transfers of items from one warehouse to another.

Manage your inventory/Stock easily and effectively in HDPOS smart

HDPOS smart provides stock management as one of its key features. Managing inventory or large number of items is a critical requirement of any retail business. This easy stock management software provides many intuitive ways of managing , tracking and correcting your stock. With this stock management software you can regularly track and correct your physical stock to match with your database. This retail inventory management software also takes care of damages, dumps happening in your stock.

This retail inventory management software not only keeps accurate track of your inventory but also maintains the physical location of your products in your stores / warehouse, so that, it is very convenient for you to physically locate the product very quickly.

Stock Auditing and Monitoring with HDPOS

HDPOS Smart's inventory control system generates complete audit trail of any stock change in the system. Any stock correction activity creates a document which can be used for inventory reporting. This inventory monitoring software provides you various ways to identify the mismatch if any between your physical stock and your stock in database. You can do this stock monitoring, " Stock Take", on smaller chunks of your inventory so that during stock validation you do not need to disturb your daily billing operations. This store inventory software also supports stock validation using excel files generated by many industry standard wireless handheld barcode scanners.

If your retail business is not validating your physical stock regularly, you are opening your business to many malpractices vulnerabilities. HDPOS as retail inventory management software protects you from such malpractices by providing you an easy way to validate your stock on regular basis and also by providing various access rights of stock management functionalities as well as limiting view of data based on users login ID.

Inventory management using multiple Warehouses

HDPOS smart being the best sales and inventory management software in India, provides you ability to manage your inventory at various warehouses/ godowns. It allows you to specify physical location of each item at each warehouse. This warehouse Inventory management software provides you with easy ways to move stock from one ware house to another with complete audit trail.

Moreover, if your ware houses are located at long physical distances from each other, HDPOS also provides you to keep your stock in transit before it reaches to the destination ware house. Good damages or loss during the transit can very easily be tracked in this stock monitoring software.
You can also create stock requisitions from one ware house to another and based on this stock requests the central ware house can initiates stock transfer.

Keeping your stock up to date by re-ordering process

The success of your retail business depends upon the correct use of your funds and investments. If you purchase goods that are already in stock and you are not informed about product that are running out of stock you can lose business both ways. HDPOS smart, accounting and Inventory software, allows you to maintain stock levels of required products based on your business needs. You can specify minimum stock you want to keep for each product at each warehouse.

HDPOS smart will show you a list of all the products that are running below the minimum required stock and help you place purchase orders for them. You as an administrator, predefine quantities of each item per warehouse that should be reordered. This was the reordering process is automated and remains in pure control.

HDPOS being best inventory software also helps you pick the correct vendor to place your purchase orders too. There are various ways in which you can pick the supplier for your next purchase order. You can either specify preferred supplier for each item, or you can ask HDPOS to pick the best supplier for an item based on your past purchases. When you select multiple items to be reordered, this accounting software will create as many purchase orders as needed based on your choice of picking the supplier and create all those purchase orders in a single button click.

Batch and expiration management

When you are in a business to sell goods that expire over period of time and you have the ability to return near expiring goods back to the supplier, management of expiration dates become critical for you. HDPOS smart as the complete inventory management system also keeps track of your batch numbers and their corresponding expiration dates. You can query HDPOS any time to find all near expiring goods and create a purchase return for them. Essentially saving you from all the losses you would have had to face due to expired goods.
Batch management in HDPOS smart is very strong. Once you tell this inventory management software that you keep a certain items in multiple batches you get extensive information about that items' stock and in batches. You can view the consolidated stock of such items in any warehouse as well as see the stock broken up by individual batch number and expiration date. You can also move stock of specific batch of item from one warehouse to another.

Moreover, this billing and inventory management software also allows you to select specific batch of an item at the time of billing so that your stock is managed absolutely accurately. If you do not have the feasibility of being able to specify batch numbers at the time of billing due to time constraints at the billing counter, you can ask HDPOS to apply the batch numbers to the sales invoices based on earlier expiration dates first marked. This auto batch functionality of stock management system helps you manage your expiration dates as well as keeps the billing process fast and efficient.
Many of the users of this online inventory system software have used the batch management functionality in various different ways, for example: even if your product does not have expiration date and also does not have a batch specified to it by the manufacturer you can use this functionality to specify your own batch number to segregate the stock of same item for various reason like different supplier, different prices, different taxes etc.

Managing Hierarchical data in your Inventory

When you are running a retail business you will always find yourself in the need of viewing your inventory in various different hierarchy. For Example: You may want to know what is the consolidated stock of breakfast items in your retail shop or consolidated stock of kitchen ware, or consolidated stock of women's clothing etc. You will also want to break down this consolidated stock further at different levels. For example: You may want to find out how your breakfast item stock is distributed over various different brands etc.

Unlike most classical inventory management software, HDPOS smart, will allow you to create many different views and many different hierarchy of your inventory. You can define as many views and labels of the hierarchy as you want and also change them very easily at any point of time. This store inventory management software offers you high end analytical tools to view consolidation of your stock in many different ways. Not only that you can view your stock at hand in the hierarchy you define, but also you can view your sales figures by these hierarchies as well. You can also consolidate and print the quantities of products in your sales invoice for quick revalidation at the exit door.

This data analytical feature of provided to you can be used to increase the efficiency of your business. You can use these analytical tools to setup future offers and plan future purchases.

Billing Integration with Stock Management

In your business, you may need to keep your products at a third party outlet for the purpose of display and possible sale without actually billing the third party outlet. Since you have not actually sold the goods to the third party outlet yet, the inventory still belongs to you and you need to keep track of it. Also when something gets sold from that third party outlet, and you are informed about it, you need to raise invoice to that third party retail for only the quantity that is sold and also adjust your stock at that third party retails location.
HDPOS smart being the smart accounting and inventory management software, offers a very rich feature of keeping track of your stock which you might have kept at a retail outlet only for display and possible sale.

You can create a separate warehouse and associate the third party retailer as your customer with that warehouse.This billing software will adjust the stock at this customer location rather than at your default location automatically whenever you raise invoice for this customer.
Sometimes you have to handle purchase returns in your business and return goods though you accept it back may not be in condition to be sold back immediately. This store inventory management software allows you to move return goods into a warehouse or a location that is different from your default billing warehouse. This will allow you to put in place the work flow to examine returned goods and get them ready for resale. Once they are repackaged and ready for resale, you can move them into your default warehouse for billing.

Accounting Integration with Stock Management

Accounting of your business is always very closely tied to your stock and stock values. This accounting and Stock management software allows you to specify opening stocks of each item at each warehouse along with its value at the start of a financial year or at any time. This accounting and inventory system for retail store also offers you various ways to calculate the values of your stock in hand to be considered while preparing your balance sheet and profit and loss statements. You can calculate the value of your stock at hand either by first in first out (FIFO) method or you can choose to calculate value of your stock by last purchase values that is, the current market value.

Managing the stock of multiple companies in a single database

Inventory management for small businesses becomes easier by maintaining consolidated and segregated stock for each item, for each company if you create more than one company in a single database. The stock figures and its values will be displayed to the logged in user based on the company access he has. Each warehouse can hold stock of the same item from more than one companies. You can view the consolidated stock and also stock broken down by each company.

Serial Number Management in HDPOS smart

When you are doing your business with electronic or electrical appliances, keeping accurate track of each individual piece of equipment becomes a necessity for you. Many time each individual piece of equipment is assigned serial number by the manufacturer. For example serial number of a laptop or a refrigerator or IMIE number of your mobile phone. In some cases when serial number is not assigned by the manufacturer but you feel the need of tracking each individual item independently in your business you can assign a label number / serial number of your choice to items in your inventory in HDPOS smart.
HDPOS smart provides extensive functionality to manage and track these serial numbers and label numbers. You can check history of individual serial number to locate it in your warehouses and also to find out which supplier had supplied it to you and which customer has purchased it from you and when.

In this industry level Inventory software you can also associate warranty periods to this serial numbers. This is very helpful when you have to track if a specific equipment is within the warranty period on customers complain. It is also easy for you to return the item back to its original supplier if it is within the warranty period.
Management of label numbers and serial numbers is handled very carefully in this inventory management system and you will get an easy way to specify the serial numbers at every entry and exit points for the stock in your system. You can also detect missing serial numbers in your stock audits.
Many of the users of HDPOS who deal with expensive jewellery items also use this feature to manage their business more efficiently.

How to transfer stock using HDPOS Smart?

HDPOS’s stock management software suite allows our users to manage their stock in different warehouses and easily transfer stock from one warehouse to another. Here are a few interesting stock inventory software features that has been proven to be very helpful for various retail businesses.

  • Stock Transfer document can be very long at times, HDPOS stock tracking software feature now allows you to hold your Stock transfer document in progress while you complete other work.
  • You can pick your held stock transfer document and complete the transaction at a later time.
  • You can do container stock transfer from one warehouse to another warehouse.(very useful in sweet shops and bakeries)

How to correct stock entries using stock control system?

Stock correction is another important feature that many businesses demand for managing stock. Here’s how you can correct stock entries using HDPOS Smart.

  • HDPOS inventory system provides you with a special type of warehouse called stock correction warehouse..
  • This warehouse is used to correct your stock like missing or broken items and/or dump stock.
  • Many times and for many different reasons (like in correct data entry) the actual stock and stock in your HDPOS inventory tracker database do not match.
  • You can match your stock in HDPOS database with your physical stock.
  • Stock management allows users to correct their stock.
  • You can also reset the item stock to zero in stock correction warehouse.