Create GST Tax Invoice

Simple to use best gst software with flexible gst return for small and large businesses

The GST tax definition in HDPOS smart is simple and flexible

HDPOS smart GST billing software has extremely flexible GST Tax invoice modules. This gst accounting and billing software can handle current taxes of different states of India, Taxes of different countries and are already gst ready for tax changes.
This gst billing software provides Flexible gst tax filing that can easily be modified by the user as the Government policy GST Management of new taxes added by the Government on the fly or changes in the tax rates can be done by the users without the need of new release.
No manual financial transaction entries need to be added. All tax transactions are generated in the system without any user intervention once tax definition are defined as needed.
HDPOS smart gst services allows you to define custom tax structures on your items. The gst tax system feature allows you to manage taxes like IGST, CGST, SGST and other state and central level taxes. You can change your tax definitions in the way tax applicability changes time to time.
GST compliance software provides you Flexibility of defining complex tax structures specially management of cess, excise and additional taxes which are calculated over other tax amount Flexibility of defining how tax needs to be calculated based on In state and out state. On top of that HDPOS business retail software, is also ready for the tax changes that are to come which government has not yet announced.

HDPOS smart GST ready software

  • HDPOS smart is completely feature-ready GST compliant billing software for Indian businesses. You pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) on goods you purchase, and charge your customers GST on goods you sell or the service you provide.
  • Define GST services that is applicable for In-State or Out-State purchases and sales.
  • Easily manage Central GST (CGST), State GST (SGST) and Integrated GST (IGST) for your sales and purchases with help of Tax Structure module.
  • Our Best GST software will auto create separate Tax account for each GST. At any point of time you can view the ledger balance of the tax account.
  • It’s also capable of managing HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) code for each product.
  • It provides flexible option to manage Inter-State and Intra-State taxes for your Purchases and Sales by changing the tax of the items or change the tax percent at the time of making invoice.
  • The extensive reports for Tax like Sales/Purchase Tax Summary, Location based tax summary, Item based tax reports, In/Out State Sales/Purchase report etc.
  • Our report modules is getting ready with various GST system that can be made on demand in the application without having to wait for new release of product.
  • Once online GST specifications are finalized by the government our products will also offer a quick and easy GST filing.
  • Customize your GST tax Invoice to show taxes applied to the items that are sold with Basic Price and gst Tax applied for the Invoice.

Support for Complex Tax applicable on your products

  • GST software download gives you ability to apply tax while making sales gst Invoice.
  • You will also be able to change tax for multiple selected items in single gst invoice template.
  • While defining tax or tax structure you can define if it is “In State” and”Out State” tax.
  • We have also added “GST No” field in Business location, Customer Manager, Supplier Manager and Finance Agencies. This will help our users get these details in sales Invoice and purchase bills as per new Government regulations.
  • The tax structure feature allows you to manage taxes like IGST, CGST, SGST and other state and central level taxes.
  • We have added “HSN / SAC” field in Item manager. This is in preparation of upcoming GST taxation.

Support for Tax applicable at Invoice Level

  • Easy addition of Tax while defining item or in excel upload. Apply additional tax at Invoice level.
  • HDPOS Smart supports allows changing the tax at the time of sale.
  • Change the tax according to the requirement while billing.
  • Like for example changing in state to out state tax.
  • Apply same tax on all the items or separate tax on each item of the invoice.

Sale Tax Management

  • GST accounting software offers greater flexibility for tax application at the time of Billing.
  • GST services by HDPOS is still very quick as point of sale counter and user free billing system for fast moving counters. On top of that we have the flexibility to manage your gst tax invoices which can differ from bill to bill depending on many situations.
  • If in your business you want to choose what tax to apply per item on a running bill you can do that with different gst invoice template HDPOS smart.
  • Most common example for this would be to choose when you want to apply CST and when you want to apply VAT. Besides this example there are many other situations.
  • Through gst compliance software you can specify flat and spot discounts on basic prices.
  • If you are a not a typical retail store, you probably quote your prices to your customer as basic plus tax. Your negotiations and quotations are based on basic rather than final sales price.
  • The spot discount window will show you all calculations of discount with respect to basic and final sales price.
  • We handle taxes that are not dependent on basic cost alone. For example excise duty tax. Once you take a look at how tax structure definition works in HDPOS you will be able to easily handle complex taxes like excise duty as well as taxes that need to be applied in the basic before discount.
  • When applying different tax structures on an item while making gst tax invoice, we show you complete details about resulting taxes and base amount in which taxes are calculated so that it is easy for you to make transactions.

Purchase Tax Management

  • Tax management in HDPOS smart while entering GRN is very flexible.
  • User can adjust the gst taxes on item only for the specific GRN.
  • User can specify the taxes for which the input tax ledger needs to be maintained separately. For example, you can choose to maintain separate purchase tax ledger for VAT and do not keep a separate input tax ledge for excise tax.
  • The tax flexibility goes further and also allows you to specify taxes that need to be applied on MRP or before discounts.
  • The tax flexibility goes further and also allows you to specify gst taxes that need to be applied on MRP or before discounts.
  • Overall, we give you complete flexibility to manage your purchase taxes and manage taxes in each purchase entry separately with gst system portal.