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HDPOS smart

Free trial for 14 Days

HDPOS smart for single computer.

Download HDPOS SA

This is full functionality software download. Register it for free and get a trial license key for 14 days.

See System Requirement section for details. Also read our Tech Talk

If you need microsoft .net runtime 4.0
Download from here

  • Quick clean setup takes less than 5 minutes
  • Initial installation does not require SQL server or any other database.
  • HDPOS smart also works with Microsoft SQL server and is capable of handling large data efficiently
  • Easy to use affordable POS Software
  • Fast and accurate checkout for your customers
  • Introductory Low prices with amazing features


Free trial for 5 Days

HDPOS lite for single computer
Download HDPOS lite
HDPOS smart vs HDPOS lite

This is full functionality software download. Register it for free and get a trial license key for 5 days.

See System Requirement section for details. Also read our Tech Talk

If you need microsoft .net runtime 4.0
Download from here

  • Quick clean setup takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Introductory Low prices with amazing features.
  • HDPOS lite works with SQL lite database.
  • Easy to use affordable POS Software.
  • Fast and accurate checkout for your customers.
  • Predefined Invoice formats to match your business needs.

Download HDPOS smart for Multiple Cash Registers

Free trial for 14 Days

If you have a need of multiple cash registers and a single database server, you need HDPOS smart for multiple cash registers.

Download HDPOS CS

This is full functionality software download. Register it for free and get a trial license key for 14 days.

See System Requirement section for details. Also read our Tech Talk

If you need microsoft .net runtime 4.0  Download from here

Instructions for installing on multiple cash registers
On Server Computer
  • You need to run this installer on the computer that will be treated as the server computer for your multiple cash register environments.
  • The server computer needs to be running either Windows 7 Professional Edition or Windows 2008 server.
  • The server computer will need to have Internet Information Server (IIS) already installed on it.
    • IIS is part of Windows 7 professional, if it is not already activated, you may have to go to
      Control Panel -> Programs And Features -> Turn Windows features on or off window and tick ON IIS.
  • This installer will create Internet Information Server (IIS) based application on a server.

On Client Computer
  • From a client computer that you will be using as a cash register, start Internet Explorer (or any other web browser) and type in the address
    http://[Your Server's IP Address]/HDPosServer/Home.aspx
  • Download HDPOS smart Client.
  • Click on the downloaded application and click "Run" button on the file download box.
  • This will install the client application on your computer and create an icon on your desktop.

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HDPOS offers an outstanding Billing POS solution that integrates all features you need to make your business excel in retail operations. With a free trial for 14 days, you have nothing to lose as you can explore all the functionalities that are being offered by the new POS version. Many small business owners are guilty on this count as they often neglect upgrades or buying new software. To save a few hundred dollars, they continue with DOS based legacy applications that help in billing but offer zero insights leading to incalculable loss to the enterprise, in terms of the opportunities lost.

Ask anyone who has migrated and he or she will tell you that a Billing Point of Sale Software pays for itself in a few years of implementation. Holding on to legacy applications, outdated billing point of sale software is like going back in time, while your competitors get ahead of you by delighting customer with faster checkouts, accurate billing, discounts based on past buyer behaviour.

Archaic, outdated billing point of sale software never did any good to business as businesses cannot afford loss of goodwill through inaccurate billing, faulty barcoding or zero discounts that might not trigger impulse purchases. Don’t let the full potential of your company stay locked up in outdated software, unleash the full potential of your enterprise through software upgrades today.
Take stock of the situation and ask yourself whether you are really enjoying the business or not? Are you able to sell the highly desirable prices of your store at high gross fat margins? If not why? Is stocking inventory the problem or you are unable to predict demand?

At times, there can be an issue in how you place inventory in the store. Top selling items offering high gross fat margins should be kept at eye-level. Users when they enter a store, often look left and that’s where your most popular items should be placed so that they can fly off the shelves and can be replenished faster.

Other items which are fast moving, but offer smaller margins can be placed lower or above the ones offering higher margins. Getting the right information through Billing Point of Sale Software about daily sales data will help you manage inventory better. Superior quality billing point of sale software can raise the efficiency of the store by a few notches and keep employee morale high, since order fulfilment becomes a breeze as the frontline staff, gets good response from customers. Else the brickbats, they receive on the phone will be transmitted right to the top of the hierarchy and it will lead to an enterprise wide slide in morale. When expectations from the company are sky-high, disappointment is a free-fall.

Out of stock inventory is something that you need to avoid at all costs. Since you are selling through both online and offline modes, this may be a real prospect. Anecdotal evidence shows that at times 4000 sunglasses may get sold in a single day through the web route. And fulfilling such large orders becomes an issue with the procurement and order-fulfilment teams. So, your suppliers should be on high alert at all time (by message alerts from the POS system) to handle sudden spikes in demand. It might happen in the carnival season or festive season. You might need some extra working capital loan to add more inventory during the festive season. Tying these loose ends and keeping your financial backers in confidence is important for the health of your business. Constantly running out of inventory is a prospect that you should avoid at all costs, as your high net worth customers might feel frustrated. These are certain intangible variables, that you need to consider as a business manager and embrace more technology in your business, to get it right.

Engender a rewards program that brings back loyal customers back in the fold Few ideas work better than a loyalty program to keep those shiny 20% customers that bring 80% of the business for a store. Gold members, as they are often called, appreciate the fact that you value the relationship through a loyalty program that gets updated from time to time and offers good discounts and trigger repeat purchases. Going without a loyalty program might just get give the message that you take your customers for granted and treat all of them at par. Something, they might not like always. A POS software automatically updates all client purchases in the database and help immensely in email sales.

Too much traffic not enough sales: This is a classic problem of sales forecasting which a Billing Point of sale software can solve through its robust data forecasting abilities. They use sales data to forecast trends and future purchases, which might be in sync with your buyer’s expectation. Other things like scheduling the right kind of employees as per footfall so that crowd management becomes a breeze is also carried out by point of sale software.
Quite often, new generation software suffers from the problem of backward compatibility with legacy systems. These kinds of issues require support from application authors which will be provided by the company offering Billing Point of sale software. Back-end and CRM functions need to be integrated seamlessly or else you can go in for a complete revamp of your software infrastructure.

Payment processing: With contactless credit and debit cards surfacing in the market that work on near-field communication technology, you can either go in for iPad based Point of Sale Software to carry out instant billing on the go or get a new POS system that processes all kinds of payments. Sales returns, refunds after over charging or double debit can be dealt swiftly with automated payment processes in a new Billing POS System Software system.

New generation point of sale systems work offline even without the internet and cost slightly extra. The data is migrated as soon as connectivity resumes. Moreover, tax related invoicing and other ancillary issues like theft, wastage or leakages can be tracked in real time with such advanced systems in place.

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