SMS Support

  • Conveniently send SMS messages from your GSM dongle or using SMS Gateway!
  • Send SMS messages at various stages to your customers and Suppliers.
  • Have a two way communication with your HDPOS computer via SMS when you are away from your shop.
  • Send bill amount SMS to customers at the time of printing the bill.
  • Send SMS to supplier of payment made to supplier.
  • Send welcome message and customer code SMS at the time of the customer creation.
  • Send the received amount SMS to customer at the time of receiving pending payments from the customer.
  • Send the bill amount SMS to the customers at the time of estimate invoice creation.
  • Send bulk SMS to your Customer's & Suppliers to notify them about Sales or any upcoming events.
  • Talk to your HDPOS computer directly using SMS.
  • When you are not near your computer, you can request SMS reports by just sending SMS to your HDPOS.
  • Send simple SMS to your number that is connected to your computer and get SMS replies from HDPOS.

Payment Reminder SMS to Customer

  • HDPOS smart gives you option of sending payment reminders to your customers.
  • Customer Payment SMS manager gives you records of all customers whose payments are pending
  • Easily send SMS reminder to your customer's about pending amount.
  • No need to call your staff, no need to disturb the business at the shop. You will get all the information you need in the reply SMS from HDPOS smart.