Cash Register

  • Cash register is one of the core components in managing point of sale. HDPOS allows many numbers of features when it comes to management of cash register.
    In HDPOS cash register can be attached to a physical cash register, a terminal or it can be attached to a specific login ID.
    • We will call HDPOS cash register that is attached to a physical or a terminal as Terminal cash register.
    • We will call HDPOS cash register that is attached to specific login ID as User cash register.

    Terminal Cash Register

    Terminal cash register remains associated with a specific computer or terminal irrespective of which user logs into that computer / terminal whereas if a login ID has an attached user cash register that cash register will move to different terminals with that specific login ID.
    When Login ID has specific cash register attached, the attached cash register will always be the selected cash register for the login ID irrespective of which terminal or computer that user is using.

    When should you use Terminal or User cash register?
    • When an employee is completely accountable for all of his or hers sales or sales return, user cash register might be useful whereas when you want to keep account of the collection of a physical cash register irrespective of who has been login into that terminal you may want to use terminal cash register.
    • HDPOS will ask you to select cash register while entering into billing screen or while closing any kind of cash transactions. You cannot have single cash register selected or active at more than one location.

    Note: It is strongly suggested that you should use terminal cash register if you are using synchronization service with disconnected terminal.

    Cash Register Session

    • You can optionally create cash register sessions when you are using cash registers. HDPOS gives you lot of flexibility in management of cash registers and help you reduce malpractices that can happen when you have large number of terminals and large number of employee login
    • Even if employee has active login ID and password you can restrict him or her from login into the system by restricting his login ID to cash register session.
    • Cash register session can be created by administrator and are very useful to start specific employee cash register sessions with an opening balance and close the session by money hand over to the administrator.

    Cash Transfer

    There are number of check points that will validate money hand over procedures.
    There are times when actual amounts in cash register may not exactly match the amount reported by HDPOS due to various reasons like mistakes in cash handling by the operator. HDPOS provides a specialize cash register to manage and keep record of such discrepancy. This specialized cash register is called adjustment cash register and is solely used for the purpose of removing the discrepancies while keeping the records and bringing the data and physical cash register back into equilibrium.

    • There are many different reports that HDPOS smart provides which gives you good insight of all your cash registers activities.
    • Cash register in HDPOS smart does not only manage cash but also handles credit card slips, checks, different types of food coupons, cheks etc.
    • When you move money from cash register A to cash register B or to administrator you can either empty the entire cash register or only move cash, check, food coupons, credit card slips partially.
    • You can also move money from a cash register directly to the bank account.