Appointment Manager

Manage your appointments with HDPOS Smart,the most effective appointment software solution for your business.
  • Every business has its share of client meetings, investor meetings and appointments with potential clients.
  • Being able to handle appointments with ease and keeping track of them is essential in order to maintain a good reputation and also handle one’s schedule efficiently.
  • HDPOS Smart apart from its exciting features that help with business transactions and financial accounting also doubles up as an appointment software solution.
  • This optional module from HDPOS Smart is a great value addition for small and mid sized businesses that typically struggle with managing appointments given the nature of their business or due to lack of organization, efficiency or resources.
  • Read on to learn if HDPOS Smart’s appointment software module is the right fit for your business.
HDPOS Smart Appointment Manager – the fix to your scheduling problems.
HDPOS Smart’s Appointment Manager offers a lot of interesting features that make it a sought after appointment software solution. HDPOS Smart’s Appointment Manager can help you:
  • If your Business needs to manage Appointments with customers, suppliers this module will be great value add.
  • If your business is a salon or spa, this software suit would be a very good value addition. In the case of a salon or spa, it is important to manage appointments efficiently. Creation of appointments and sending SMS and emails alerts to customers is possible with this appointment software.
  • You can save Appointments on your Smart Phone: If the customer is using an Android Smart phone, he/she can add the Appointments as a calendar entry.
  • Very flexible module to create repeating Appointments with lots of repeating options.
  • Check for availability of any employee for a specific Appointment.
  • HDPOS allows you to send SMS / Email of Appointments to your customers.
  • Attach products and services to the Appointments, so that it is easy to convert an Appointment into the final invoice at the billing counter.