AMC Management

AMC Management

  • Manage warranty of your items with AMC Management.
  • Create items with AMC period (in months).
  • Provide extension of AMC for items.
  • Track the record of all AMC items with their start and end date of AMC.
  • Remind your customers if their AMC is going to be expired by sending an SMS or an Email.
  • View the history of AMC for the selected item.
  • Check the AMCs that are going to be expired in a given number of days.
  • View all expired AMC.

Provides AMC

  • Define item's AMC period at the time of creation.
  • Handle AMC period in months.
  • Make sales invoice for AMC items.
  • View all invoices of the AMCs purchased for a selected item.
  • View customer and item details for each AMC.

Is AMC Item

  • Manage extension AMC items in your system.
  • Create invoice by providing extension of AMC period to items.
  • Define start date for extension AMC at the time of making an invoice.