Advance Booking Document

HDPOS smart gives you option of taking advance booking from your customers.
Used Cases:
  • Garment Shops:
    • You have specialized items. Customers pre-order things from you by giving you advance amount against the orders. When the item arrives at your location, you make the final invoice for the customer, and take the remaining payment.
    • Customers may have more than one items pending on different booking document at a time.
    • Customers can do the usual purchases from you while they have other booking documents waiting to be completed.
  • Sweet Shops/Coffee Shops:
    • You take party orders or cake orders.
    • Customers place an order with you for bulk sweets / snacks and pay you deposit.
    • Customers may make changes in their orders before the order is actually delivered.
    • HDPOS will keep track of changing orders and will keep the final transaction to remove confusion of multiple booking in these cases.
    • When the order is finally delivered, you can prepare the final invoice and only charge for the remaining amount.
  • All Other Shops:
    • If your business calls for taking advance money from customers in any case, this feature will be of great use to you.
Advance Booking Document will:
  • Track changes in order changes if any.
  • Remember the prices agreed upon when the order was booked. When you convert the booking document into invoice, HDPOS will apply the prices from booking document and not from current prices from the system.
  • In older versions of HDPOS, you could not take advance from the customer if he had any pending invoices in the system. But now with the help of advance booking documents, your customers can pay you in advance for a specific booking even if had pending amounts on other invoices.