Small Business Accounting Software To Ease your Work

The Best Accounting Solution that accumulates, stores, and processes financial and accounting information.

Best Business Accounting Software For Your Business

HDPOS Smart offers a variety of financial accounting system software features that help businesses manage their accounting such as the following:
  • Auto generation of financial accounts such as sales, purchase, and petty cash accounts and so on.
  • The online accounting software module is integrated to all other core modules such as sales and customer accounts thus making automatic entries in the requisite accounts whenever a transaction is recorded in the system.
  • Being a state of the art accounting software solution, HDPOS Smart also allows businesses to integrate bank account details and perform banking transactions.
  • Accounting books and ledgers can be maintained with the help of this cloud based accounting software and balance sheets and profit and loss accounts too can be generated within a few clicks.

Small Business Accounting Software Features

  • HDPOS smart accounting information system offers complete financial accounting along with billing and inventory management.
  • Auto generation of certain financial accounts when you get started with HDPOS Smart financial accounting management. For example: sales account, purchase account, petty cash account, customer account, supplier account.
  • When a document is created, for example: sales invoice - A financial transaction with credit to sales account and debit to customer's account gets affected automatically.
  • Being the best accounting software for small business, HDPOS Smart also lets you create your own financial account like electricity bill account, water bill account apart from auto generated accounts.
  • Categorization of each account in two types is possible: Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet account.
  • Maintain your bank details along with account numbers.

How Does Accounting System Help Manage Your Financial Transactions?

Managing your Financial Accounting transactions is a breeze with HDPOS Smart, read on to learn as to what all you can do with this top notch accounting system.
  • All auto generated accounting transactions get saved with reference to the document number. For example if a purchase is made, there will be a FA transaction with debit to the purchase account and another with credit to supplier account.
  • All FA transactions that you create manually in the financial management software have its own document number for your reference.
  • Viewing of all transactions in FA Transaction Manager is possible with this a small business accounting system.
  • Possibility of back dated entries of financial transactions in case they have been missed on the actual date.
  • The FA transactions are differentiated as “Cash Payment”, “Cash Receipt”, “Bank Payment”, “Bank Receipt”, and “Money Transfer” (Contra) while making your manual FA transactions.
  • Each type of these documents have a separate number series so you can maintain “separate books” for each of type of your manual financial transaction.
  • More than one account can be selected in a single FA transaction in the best online accounting software solution.

Use HDPOS Smart Accounting System with Tally Software

HDPOS Smart business accounting software can be integrated with existing Tally data as well; read on to learn as to how this leading accounting system for small businesses in India lets you do that.
  • HDPOS smart is capable to handle your complete financial accounting.
  • If you want to transfer your data to Tally, you have choice to export the data in encrypted format or in the clear.
  • If you choose export it in the clear XML file, your tally consultant can check if the data is the format he wants before importing it into your tally database.