Access Rights

Allow only specific functionalities to be accessed by your employees

Access Rights

As your business grows you will have lot of employees handling different aspects of business. HDPOS smart helps you to restrict access from areas of application from specific computer. You can create logins for your employees and setup Access rights. You can create different functionality groups and apply it to different logins. For example, you can restrict the cashiers from editing and deleting bills. If you are managing multiple businesses, you can restrict the access as per logins. You can create exceptions for certain staff members and permit occasional access to certain restricted functions by adding passwords.

  • HDPOS smart is highly customizable for Access rights.
  • Access Rights allows you to provide or restrict access to specific functionalities for various logins.
  • HDPOS smart gives you a way to manage your access rights at very granular level by giving you 300+ Functionality points.
  • You can specify access for each button and each menu option individually.
  • You can group various functionalities into functionality group and logins into login groups.
  • You can also create Functionality Groups, user groups and computer groups.

Functionality Groups

  • You can define set of functionalities you want to allow for certain designation in your organization by creating a functionality group. For example: if you want to give access to operator to functionality related to daily sales you can create group of functionalities which are required for daily sales.
  • Further you can create a login group that will have logins of your employees responsible for daily sales activities.
  • At this point you can assign daily sales activity functionality group access to Daily sales employee’s login group.

Advanced Functionality: Computer Groups

  • You can also create computer groups based on their IP address. You can assign a functionality group to computer group. For example if you want to give access to all computers in your purchase department to functionality related to purchase, you can create group of functionalities which are required for purchase.
  • Further you can create a computer group of all computers in your purchase department.
  • At this point you can assign purchase related functionality group access to purchase department computer group.

Additional Password

  • As you have already seen in HDPOS smart you can define Access rights by login ID.
  • Sometimes, you have to allow for exceptions to your staff and allow them occasional access to certain restricted functionality.
  • In such situations you can restrict any functionality of HDPOS smart with additional password.
  • Every time user tries to access the password protected functionality he would be challenged to provide the additional Password.
Following are four convenient ways to add additional password:
  • The approving manager will physically come to the system that requires this password and enter it using the keyboard.
  • Approving manager can choose to store the password in a file and store that file on his personal thumb/USB drive or a CD.
  • When approving manager reaches the computer in order to “type” in the password, he inserts his media (CD/thumb drive) in the computer and reads the passwords off that media instead of typing it in and hence providing further security to your secondary password.
  • The approving manager can be located physically anywhere on the network (in client server mode).
  • In case of cloud account, he can be anywhere in the world.

Authorizing functionality via SMS

  • Approving manager can approve access via SMS by replying to access request SMS.
  • For example, you want to offer some discount to a specific customer. If you connect a simple GSM dongle to your computer, the operator will be able to generate, one-time access request to any functionality in the system.
  • This request will come to approving manager as SMS. When you reply to that SMS as Code Y (yes), your staff will be able to perform the function once.
  • The SMS integration with HDPOS is absolutely transparent.
  • This will allow your work to go on without a block or requiring you to be present at the store all the time, and also keep you in complete control.