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Manage your customers using HDPOS smart Customer Management Solution

  • Managing customers is quite an important facet of every business and focus is shifting towards customer management software solutions such as CRM software that helps in handling customer relationships in a business.
  • It is important to gather details about customers and manage them in the system efficiently so that when one interacts with customers, one is aware of all the details pertaining to them and thus be able to handle requests from them more efficiently.
  • HDPOS Smart amongst its other capabilities is also a CRM software suite and has a truckload of online customer contact software features that helps businesses to manage their customers.
  • Read on to learn more about HDPOS Smart’s CRM capabilities.

HDPOS Smart helps with customer database software

  • View customer's profile in Customer Manager module.
  • Set up Credit Limit for your customers individually or system wise.
  • Track your customer's Financial Accounting.
  • Enroll your customers for Loyalty Program and easily redeem your customer's loyalty points and this happens to be the #1 contact management system feature when it comes to CRM Software solutions.
  • While making sales invoice select customer by their Name/ Phone Number/ loyalty number.
  • Being a top notch CRM software solution, HDPOS Smart’s customer contact software provides loyalty point scheme that has a mechanism to offer one time referral points to customers who refer other customers to you. Now this has been enhanced to offer loyalty points to the referrer on every sale.
  • Send Invoice to your customers via Email and SMS at the time of making sales invoice with customer interaction management.
  • You can convert customer's store credit as cash return. While doing sales return you can now adjust your customer's other pending amount.

Customer Group

As a CRM software solution, HDPOS Smart customer management software allows grouping of customers for various business purposes. Here’s what you can do with customer groups.
  • Make customer groups and offer special memberships to your customer's like Gold membership, Silver membership etc.
  • Offer Different Prices to whole sellers, distributors than the end users.
  • Assign Different Price List to different customer groups.
  • Sales invoice gets done as per the selected customer's price list.

Maintain your material at the customer's location

  • If you are a whole-seller or manufacturer, sometimes you need to keep your stock at your customer's outlet and bill only for things that are being reported to you as sold to the end customer.
  • HDPOS customer tracking system lets you create a warehouse and associates with a customer.
  • You can transfer the stock to your customer location without making the sales invoice through the customer service software. This way you will always know what material is with your customer that is not billed yet and belong to you.
  • When you make sales bills customer management system for your customer who keeps your stock, the bills will be made from the warehouse that is associated to that customer and stock will be adjusted accordingly.