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HDERP enterprise billing software product to get you started with automation. It's a great choice to automate your enterprise. HDERP billing pos software provides all necessary features for you to do sales, purchases , stock management, financial accounting, management of franchise and multiple currency.

As you get familiar and comfortable with our lines of products you can eventually move up for further automation and higher features of more customized reports and data analytics by using our other products.

HDERP Warehouse App

Handle your warehouse activities with this Add On App

Warehouse Management

This is a companion Warehouse Management app that works with HDERP Server. This app allows you to use your phone or android device as a Warehouse management terminal.

This app allows you to create PO, GRN, Stock transfer and Stock Correction document from your phone and print the documents to the printer connected to your server or save it in the Phone in PDF format. It is very easy to use with a friendly interface.

You can also check your Current Stock of an item anytime from your phone. In order to user this app, you will need to have your own HDERP server installed or you will need a cloud account of HDERP.

Please note that: This is a companion android app that works with HDERP server. HDERP server is a windows based client server application that can be downloaded from its download page

It is required that you have HDERP server installed and have a valid URL to your server. You will also need at least one windows desktop based client node for the complete functionality of HDERP.

More Details

Multiple Featured Billing POS System

Versatile billing software with multi currency and graph dashboard feature
Franchise Business Management
  • Manage your franchise business effectively.
  • Make Invoice for your franchise customer.
  • Auto generate GRN for Franchise customer as soon as Sales Invoice is created.
  • Easily maintain different purchase price for Franchise owner and your franchise customers.
  • Maintain separate accounting book of records for each franchise location.
Multiple Currency
  • Manage your business effectively with multiple currencies.
  • Maintain Primary and Non primary currencies.
  • Receive and Make payments in different currencies.
  • Define your currency conversion rates for non primary currencies.
  • Manage your financial accounting in multiple currencies.
  • View Accounting ledgers in multiple currencies.
  • Convert non primary currency amount to primary currency.
  • Enterprise billing Software provides several graph options to let you analyze your business in a visual format.
  • View graph data in 2D and 3D and you can rotate 3D graphs to any desired view.
  • A graph can display a summary of sales, profit, or current inventory by category, or by business location. The information can be viewed in bar, line, or pie chart etc.
  • Graphs can be customized in many different ways. The graph can be altered to fit your needs.
  • You can print and generate PNG, JPEG and PDF file of graph. Graph image can be sent as email attachment.
Graph Dashboard
  • Create your own custom dashboard by setting up graphical reports as well as analytical reports.
  • You can quickly access to your must popular reports as well as graphs.
  • Set Dashboard as Start Up window.
  • Display multiple graphs on a dashboard and adjust the Size of the Graph in the dashboard.
  • You can also change the color of the graph background and Series Label to get a better look of graph from dashboard.
Sales Order
  • Sales Order feature of billing pos software eliminates the errors inherit in manual order taking.
  • Sales orders can be easily viewed, edited, and monitored across the entire sales cycle.
  • Sales Order Management is seamlessly integrated with other system modules and provides immediate information about customers and products so that you can enter orders quickly and accurately.
  • Create, edit and easily maintain your sales orders, even in different currencies.
  • Convert your sales order to sale invoice with a single click.
  • You can combine multiple orders and save as a single invoice.
  • Get system reports for sales order with all the required information.
Inventory Management
  • Billing system provides many intuitive ways of managing , tracking and correcting your stock.
  • Easily transfer your stock from one warehouse to another.
  • Keep accurate track of your inventory and correct your physical stock to match with your stock in database.
  • Also keep your stock in Transit before the destination warehouse receives it.
  • Stock correction helps you correct your mismatched stock.
  • Export your item list with stock to excel easily.
  • Print barcode stickers from stock manager directly.
  • You can also check in and out transactions of items.
  • View stock transaction ledger of all items.
  • Maintain minimum required stocks of products based on your needs and also place purchase orders for them.
Analytical Reports
  • Reports are strength of our product.
  • Your data is no good to you unless you get the view you want.
  • We already have 100+ reports that help you analyze your data.
  • You may still need something different.
  • Specific to your business.
  • Specific to your style and custom fields.
  • We will do the reports you need related to your products, customers, suppliers, sales, purchases and many more.
  • Two modes of report layout are available
  • Graphics mode for laser printers.
  • Text mode for dot matrix printers.
  • View your daily sales, Profit & Loss, Balance sheet reports, etc.
  • In HDERP billing system you can send the reports in PDF format through Email and Text format through SMS also.
Manage Multiple Companies
  • Enterprise Billing POS Software allows our users to create multiple books of accounts.
  • You can manage more than one business in single software.
  • Manage separate books of accounts for each company.
  • If you have 2 or more business created in enterprise pos billing system, you can look at the consolidated reports to get the information on the overall accounts and profit and loss statements.
  • Manage company wise item prices and stock.
  • Authorization and Authentication is much advanced while managing multiple companies.
  • Given Login ID will be able to access only the company it has been given access to.
  • All reports will show the results based on the company you have access to, it is absolutely transparent to the user and all access is managed internally.
Financial Accounting
  • Enterprise business billing system is a multi currency business accounting software which offers complete financial accounting along with billing and inventory management.
  • Auto generation of certain financial accounts when you get started with HDERP. E.g.: Sales Account, Purchase Account, Petty Cash Account, Customer Account, Supplier Account, etc.
  • Being an accounting software solution, HDERP also lets you create your own financial accounts like Electricity Bill Account, Water Bill Account, etc. apart from auto generated accounts.
  • Categorization of each account in two types is possible: Profit & Loss or Balance sheet account.
  • View accounting ledgers in multiple currencies.
  • You can further filter the accounting transactions based on a specific currency.
Access Rights
  • Cloud based billing software is highly customizable for access rights.
  • Access Rights allows you to provide or restrict access to specific functionalities for various logins.
  • HDERP billing software gives you granular control on all functionalities.
  • You can specify access for each button and each menu option individually.
  • You can group various functionalities into functionality group and logins into login groups.
  • You can also create functionality groups, user groups and computer groups.
  • Creating as many logins as you want by creating employees.
Easy Billing
  • Provides an easy, fast and hassle free checkout for customers.
  • Make the invoices very quickly by Express Pay option.
  • Can scan items quickly at checkout with Barcode Scanner integration.
  • Pictorial Billing option for touch screen devices.
  • Make multiple cash registers and track your cash registers performance.
  • Flexible searching capability by Item name or its attribute like color, size etc quickly without having to type in the entire search when you are not using barcodes.
  • Customize the way your bill prints.
Item Management
  • Define your products (items) that you deal with in your business.
  • A unique auto – generated or user defined Barcode for each of your item.
  • While defining your item add its opening stock and Purchase price.
  • Add images of your products (items).
  • Create your own categories and categorize your items as per the same.
  • You can add your own fields to products. E.g.: Size, color, flavor, Design style, article no., etc.
  • You can add a measuring unit to your item.
  • Import / Export products (items) through excel.
Customer Management
  • Keep your customers information effectively.
  • Import / Export customers through excel.
  • Set up Credit Limit for your customers individually or system wise.
  • Add customer images.
  • While making sales invoice select customer by their Name/ Phone Number/ loyalty number.
  • You can add your own custom fields to customers. E.g.: Gender, occupation, important dates, etc.
  • Send Invoice to your customers via Email and SMS at the time of sales invoice.
  • Group your customers in various groups and assign different Price List to different customer groups.
  • Manage loyalty program for customer.
Cash Register
  • Manage cash, credit card slips, different types of food coupons and checks.
  • Maintain multiple cash registers in each business location.
  • Enterprise billing and accounting software creates a default cash register for every business location.
  • View your cash register balance at any time.
  • You can print a slip of your current cash register contents. You can customize the way this slip prints. This can be very useful if you want to maintain paper records of your cash register.
  • Adjust the amount discrepancy between your physical cash register amount and amount in HDERP billing system with Adjustment Cash register.
  • Transfer money between cash registers of same or different business locations.
  • Also transfer money from cash register to bank account directly.
Supplier Management
  • Cloud based billing software for enterprise enables you to easily manage all your supplier details in one location.
  • Define supplier Payment terms in supplier details to help you make timely payments.
  • Make payments to your supplier through supplier payment form. This helps you to pick up all due and pending payments.
  • You can make payments to supplier through payment modes like cash, cheque, and bank transfer and by discounts.
  • You can define opening balance of the supplier if there is any.
  • View supplier ledger.
  • User can manage supplier credit notes and supplier checks.
Barcode & Sticker
  • Print your own barcode stickers.
  • Pre-defined sticker layouts.
  • Support for dedicated sticker printers.
  • Design your own sticker’s layouts.
  • Personalize your stickers by using your logo and design.
  • Use normal laser printer or ink jet printer for sticker printing.
  • Support for A4 sixe sticker sheets.
  • Support for partial sheet printing.
  • Schemes and promotions always attract customers.
  • Billing system software allows user to define different types of offers.
  • User can define offers with Date range, Time span and according to the business location also.
  • You can define offers for a specific date range and apply it to one or more BL at same time.
  • Define offers applicable to specific customer groups.
  • User can define coupon based offers.
Employee Management
  • You can easily define new employee.
  • Import data for employees through excel.
  • Create employee username and password for login purpose.
  • Give commissions to your employees on Sales Invoice.
  • Give access rights to employee for particular functionalities.
  • Manage your employee salary, leaves and deductions.
  • Manage Employee attendance and generate payslips.
  • Schedule your business report at a fixed time or repeat in a day, week and month by specifying the time interval via email or SMS.
  • Schedule your daily reports when user logs in/out from the application. This will be helpful to keep track of the sale that has happened during the shift by a particular employee.
  • Connect with your customers better by printing invoices in your own regional languages
  • Support for Laser, thermal & ink Jet printers
  • Print in both Text and Graphics mode.
  • Print multiple copies of Sales Invoice.
  • Set and print different report format of documents for different business locations.

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